Playful Not Player

Playful is the sun,
Gazing, not a player though.
The earth is smiling.

This worldly life is no more than play and amusement, no doubt; yet some situations are seriously needing “handle with care”. And so I believe feeling good no matter what is the best way to respond to what’s given. It is time to be playful.

This worldly life will not make this physical body live forever; yet there is part of me living forever and ever dwelling broader higher deeper dimensions. I wish to meet loved ones in a more meaningful and joyful state. It is not time to play around.

May all beings be happy. 💝

life is to be playfully enjoyed like a gamer playing games not “a player” tricking women 😌 – choose what to do, remember though what goes around comes around following the game design and program 💝
two roses playfully accompanying me this week with its colors, shapes and (after sprayed with perfume) fragrance 😍