Silk Road

Silk road, Beloved,
A bumpy road to a heart
Laughing at a joke—

In a silk shop in Hanoi a conversation happened.

Me: (silently questioning whether the silk offered was truly silk from Dalat or “silk” from somewhere in China)

Shopkeeper: How do you like it, Madam?

Me: I love it. But to help me make decision, would you mind answering my question? I hope this won’t offend you.

Shopkeeper: Certainly, Madam.

Me: Is this silk truly from Dalat?

Shopkeeper: Yes, Madam. It is from Dalat, my parents’ hometown. Why, Madam?

Me: Not from China?

Shopkeeper: (laughing) We received the same question from another customer before. I am not surprised. Trust me it is Vietnamese silk, not Chinese product…. (She made a joke about “silk” then continued her long explanation of silk industry in Vietnam and her family business history and brought some samples of old silk that had been kept since her grand grand parents started production.)

She was able to convince me relatively well and my decision was buying one pretty white piece. White silk won’t go wrong to attend my nephew’s wedding in December! 🥰

May all beings be happy.

written history is a frame, what’s inside can be anything the writer wants to put in – unfortunately some true thing is not in the frame 😎