Good Food

River flows. Wind blows.
Birds perch on a twig and chirp,
Enjoying good food.

Life is not really WYSIWYG, there are layers that can be peeled off like peeling off onions layered skins.

What is seen in a river? Its flow. What’s behind the flow?

What is felt in a wind? Its blow. What’s behind the flow?

What’s behind the singing birds? What’s behind good food?

Something looking like nothing yet there are powerful layers of realities that wrap another deeper level of reality. At the end of the peeled-off onion, what is it? The eyes see “none” that can be immediately ignored, the self sees “the essence” that can only be understood through accepting in silence.

What an experience as a human being! Maybe this is a euphoria of being alive, or being aware? This is a good time and I will always feel good no matter what. 💝

Thank you for everything. 💝

good breakfast for a tempe(h) lover 🥰
good snack for a pumpkin lover – run out of honey this time