On The Move

Off days on the move
Between cities, finding me
Missing one city—

This evening we sat down in a cafe which is never my favourite to do. A new friend said “Singapore is the least favourite city of mine.” and I didn’t mind. Yet suddenly something knocked on my heart; it triggered me to miss a home.

The orchids that greet me with no complaint. The books that wait for me patiently. The laundry that stand by until I let them sit nicely in the cupboard. The floor that shines after some mopping. The air that hugs me through rain and shine. The warm feeling of safety and security.

How I miss myself in a home which I officially call a home. A weird feeling about Singapore that is truly now to me a home.

See you soon, my humble abode. 💝


missing a pink lily, I’ll get one when I’m home 🙂