Another productive week in Singapore be like: watching Iwet and Dian while treating my batik collection then more videos to keep the vibe positive

FYI, batik should be exposed to sun and air once in a while to keep it dry and of original colours. While treating them, the collectors will usually recollect the meaning pinned on the batik patterns. Batik is beautiful friend like those people giving me inspiration without their knowing it.


beautiful, highly intelligent, humble, rich, prominent, kind hearted, caring, married to a rich kind man – this lady is perfect! I bless her and her family. Hope your daughter and son have the quality of yours 🙏🏽💗
thanks for summing up my thoughts, Mas Adjie.🙏🏽💗
two young people sharing their thought; thanks, Mamat and Ferry! 🙏🏽💗