Healing Home

Fragrant beverage brings cheer and warmth in the rain. Home heals all illness.

There are a lot of kinds of herbal beverages in Java. We have kunir asem, beras kencur, gepyokan, sinom, macan kerah, kudu laos, uyup-uyup, temulawak, pahitan, cake puyang, etc. While they can be considered healing concoction, Javanese like to enjoy them simply as daily beverage or “omben” in Javanese language.

I once learned from a friend a concoction made of all basic herbs in the kitchen that she said would suit my taste. And yes! Compared to regular ginger tea, it is my best warming beverage in rainy days or when feeling not well.

I just call it “omben anget” meaning warming beverage.

Try it and you’ll love it.


galangal, turmeric, ginger, aromatic ginger (kencur) which is not easy to get, lemongrass, cinnamon bark, clove flowers, star anise, Javanese bay leaves, Javanese coconut sugar
boil all; add coriander seeds if you like – the seeds makes this beverage more fragrant and good for blood pressure
drink this to warm your body in cold weather or when catching a cold – home remedy works wonder! add tamarin or lemon if you like 💝