Don’t Skip The Waiting

The seed doesn’t sleep. It pushes up out of soil bringing new green life.

Receiving an email from an airline (in the middle of a meeting) that I missed its morning flight today, I felt like getting a slap on the face yet right away felt lucky to be assisted by our company’s travel department to fly in the only-flight-with-available-seat this evening. I was put as a “stand-by” (#2 not #1) as all authorized flights were fully booked. Thank you!!! 🤩

No rush? Luckily I did pack clothes in vacuum bags earlier and other needed supplies ready to pack, people were happy when meetings were postponed to the next day, this person always takes a bath in the morning. But…. The hair had to compromise – not ready to shine as daily shampoo is sometimes skipped when the hair bearer is working from home. It doesn’t matter, good day is not always perfect.

1st in my trip history and won’t want to repeat it at any situation. Bismillah! 💕

Thanks much for all the blessings!

Lessons learnt: click the correct colour codes in iCal, set alarm 24 hours before a flight, don’t arrange many calls before a flight, just remember, just don’t forget, just don’t forget, always thank for all the help from any possible support and don’t skip daily shampoo! 🙂

waiting lounge is for waiting, not to rush so wait patiently and don’t forget any planned trip! 🥰
when stomach waits too long and can’t wait any longer 😊
some people just love to skip the waiting, I will never 🙏🏼