Asterix & Obelix (re-read)

Used to read the Indonesian version of Asterix comics, I become curious of the English one. So I bought one in Surabaya airport and almost completed reading it during flight.

The story is of course the same but interestingly the names attributed to some characters are different. Maybe it is to match with how the names of characters with certain personality traits are described in local language that suits more to the “locally logical thought”. It is almost the same case with “adapted names” in other translated comics (Disney comics, Tintin, etc). I don’t know, am just guessing.

Re-reading this comic has given me so much space to feel that I am not more than a human being that can feel so stressed with just a tip of taste of sadness and need a very light touch of humour to trigger laughter. 😊

Thanks, Grandpa Goscinny and Grandpa Uderzo. 💝

while Asterix and Obelix bear the same names, Obelix’ dog is Dogmatix in the English version — Idefix in Indonesian
the beloved druid who is Panoramix in Indonesian version — Getafix in the English
the beloved bard Assurancetourix in the Indonesian version — Cacofonix in the English
Vitalstatistix is the English version’s name of the chief of the tribe — Abraracourcix in the Indonesian
that village 😁 — Desa Galia in the Indonesian version