A pool
Is heaven
For a fish to celebrate life.
Take it out,
It will die—
As dead as a sentence
Interpreted without a context.

Some people feel so tortured to talk with others who like judging based on either no or irrelevant context. Some people are reluctant to continue conversation because they don’t want to give more relevant context to further continue the conversation. It is inevitable that context is what a relationship can be built with so if people don’t want to directly communicate to us, it is a sign that they don’t want to build relationship with us.

Oh my! It takes whole life to understand and accept it. Friendship, romance, social, economy…. — all the same: context is needed. 😎

As clear as crystal!


this fish looks like me me when stupidly didn’t realise about the needed context! hey, fish! your muscle memory is water, land is never your context except in the kitchen or lab 😘