I wish you as cool as June
When sunshine is plenty
Between the showers,
Not so crowded with those
Wandering the city.

I heard you resemble November
When warmth is enjoyed
With some humidity,
Crowded though with those
Enjoying in vicinity.

I patiently wait for you
That carries a bunch of meteorites
Among rare stars.
I might not be remembered
But even a smile is a memory.


Some plans don’t work as expected…. It doesn’t matter. I will not give up. 🐣


as much as i wish to come back to this land, the route is dragging us elsewhere, where alarm goes off and noise is unbearable — see you, Cambodia 💝
this might be the only SEA country other than Indonesia and Singapore where i can feel immediate home with both the land and the people — we are of the same root 💝