Dream Life

What is dream life?
Working with passion,
Living in peace,
Befriending those on the ground,
Keeping safe distance from those in the sky.
It comes true in no dream.
Why still dreaming
While morning has broken?

The sun is the answer.

Today’s early morning’s conversation with a friend after so long as we’ve both been so caught up with work has made me thank life for being me, standing on the ground with enough sweet life around.

F: Join me here this weekend.

Me: Whoa! You’re there already on Thursday?

F: I’m on a leave.

Me: Enjoy your long weekend there. I prefer Bali, I will be in Ubud this weekend with my friends.

F: Go horse back riding with me here. Try once, you’ll love it. Don’t you find Ubud is boring?

Me: Boring things might suit me. Ha ha ha…. Have a good weekend horse back riding. And hope your dream of flying private jet can soon come true.

Time to leave the bed and clean the undergrowth in my path. 🐣

never my dream life; if it’s yours, you’re off from my route ☺️
i’ll do it if horse is the only transportation mode ☺️ i prefer an Audi for now 😁