Dream Weekend

What is dream weekend?
Mine is
A walk in the green,
Smiles under the blue,
Jokes with warm sun,
Chats with cool breeze,
Glanced by rice herons,
Chased by crazy ducks,
Followed by spoiled dog,
Side by side with good friends,
Wrapped up with 5-cent luxury in banana leaf
And huge thanks to


i rented a room in a Balinese banjar belonging to a family β€” it is living as a Balinese in Central Ubud πŸ’ hey, Pongky! let’s go to the rice field, buddy!
Mount Agung and Mount Batur from distance πŸ’
ducks are herded in rice field here – beautiful scenery πŸ’
how beautiful you are! πŸ’
a farmer burning the dried rice stalk to sterilize the land β€” don’t say what you don’t know like carbon footprint, what he does is a natural process and nothing compared to what all the industries have done to Mother Earth
turn left
turn right
go straight
follow the flow within, dear self
hi, rice herons! i was blessed to see you πŸ’
my best friend said β€œthat’s your dream island in the middle of rice field!” 😝
she also said β€œare you sure not moving to Ubud someday?” i said β€œi love the rice field of Ubud but when i retire i guess it is gone, so let me enjoy my tiny greenery in Yogyakarta, we can always give friendly visit to each other” πŸ’
water hyacinths
pisang kipas (Ravenala madagascariensis)
big brands building their hotels in the valley – greenery, please survive πŸ™πŸΌ or you might be gone when i retire
my breakfast was for 5 cent! πŸ’ nasi jinggo ubi (rice with some yellow sweet yam β€” clean, tasty and cheap: that’s food in Bali and Jogja 😍
also 5 cents! πŸ’ nasi jinggo kuning (turmeric yellow jinggo rice)