Natural Selection

Even earth does choose
What to grow after buried.
Green that will meet blueβ€”


a good place to chat with those selected friends β€” quiet, warm and romantic πŸ’

i love batik and earrings and many local brands have fascinated me πŸ’ one of them is Pithecanthropus whom I found also offers a nice place to chill out in Bali 🐣

pronunciation ☺️

Kapal Laut is another brand β€” one colleague of mine is also a jewelry maker (in her free time); when i told her those sterling silver (the squarish ones) is for SGD12.5, she got amazed and said β€œbring me to Ubud!” πŸ’

so much blue over green πŸ’

with Anna & Indra πŸ’ selected friends based on fondness of wondering in the rice field 😎