White Is Enough

Last night
I dreamt
All white.
Today the dreams
Come true.

White is paper
On which I write,
With which I hope,
Through which I walk,
By which I am guided.

White is that
I trust,

I will be white
Even if it is broken.
Broken white—
That is more
Than just enough.


Wear white and you’ll feel good!


in outer from Hanoi; white is good even in the dark

in a white short-sleeve kebaya from Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace

parang in white from Batik Baronggung, Tulungagung, my mother’s town 💝

white linen is a simple comfort

white apparel makes me feel good 🥰 the white hair does too 🤩

feel good as good as white dreams flying to find their home 💝