Fragrance of blossoms
Slips to the romance breathing
Of a broken heart.

I feel romantic when remembering how love can make human being do the toughest efforts for the beloved. It might not be romance at all like what parents do to raise children, it might be though the very romance like somebody who deeply loves someone who doesn’t care about being loved.

Massive blooming of (any) flowers always touches me romantically. Tulips, daffodils, lotus, hibiscus, sunflowers, jasmine, roses, canna, and so on and so forth even grass flowers on the street can imprison my presence in swift silence.

I’ve visited Japan many times (to me 3 and more is categorised as many) yet never before was in cherry blossom season in the visited prefectures — clean natural beauty in every place I stepped in is a guarantee; there is no dirty spot I saw there. All places in the world are gifted with beauty yet Japan has made the gift in a splendid fancy wrapping of cleanliness and tidiness; no one having visited Japan doesn’t want to come back for leisure.

I haven’t experienced cherry blossoms myself yet cherry blossoms have been part of a lot of haiku, photos seen in the Net, perfume worn so it feels so close to my heart. Wishing so much that I can visit Himeji Castle and Osaka Castle to feel my Japanese romance decorated with cherry blossoms. Sssooo much hoping to the blessings from April.

Dear April, please sweetly invite me to breathe in the subtle fragrance of and sway among the shower of tiny petals of this fragile beauty. 🌸

If this dream comes true, I will…. (thinking) 💝

Himeji Castle by NHK Japan Unfortunately the link doesn’t support embedded version. Enjoy.

stunning! cherry blossoms in Himeji Castle

gorgeous! cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle