Missed Taste

Veggies on the plate
Tease eyes and brain to gobble
Quickly silently.


Selamat Berbuka Puasa 💝

I should have eaten more slowly and experienced each and every taste with my palate. There should have been no sensation missed: sweet, bitter, salty, sour, gurih (umami). Don’t forget hot and cold.



yesterday’s Ramadhan breakfast (ifthar): boiled veggies, spicy tuna, boiled egg

today’s: nasi bakar (grilled rice with squid and stinky beans wrapped in banana leaf), boiled veggies, left-over of spicy tuna, grated mango and bangkuang rujak*

RujakRujak (Indonesian spelling) or Rojak (Malay spelling) is a salad dish of Javanese origin, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The most popular variant in all three countries is a salad composed of a mixture of sliced or grated fruit and vegetables served with a spicy palm sugar dressing. It is often described as tangy and spicy fruit salad due to its sweet, hot and spicy dressing made from ground chilli, palm sugar and peanuts.

Bengkoang (Indonesian spelling) or Bangkuang (Malay spelling) is jicama turnip.

My version of rujak: chilli, palm sugar, tamarind and a pinch of salt