Heart of A Coward vs Sweet Heart (comedy made serious)

Piglet or monkey
In the heart of a sweet heart
Will turn to blessings. Coward
Use them as misleading bullets.


Last night we talked about how people differently react to animal nickname or association: from laughing to shouting.

One of us complained when another of us said “Oh baby so cute! Your little monkey!” The rest of us agree that those who associate others with animals with bad intention are simply coward who fail to clearly and accurately say what they want and about that we won’t care just laugh at those merrily:

In our culture associating someone with monkey is an insult, while in UK telling a kid monkey means cuteness.

In one culture a pig might be sweet like Ms Piggy of The Muppet Show; however, people here will definitely consider the person calling or nicknaming or associating others with pig or piglet an insult. Not only animal, it can be anything: animals, movie characters or any other things intended to be negative is of course an insult.


What about dog especially female dog? Cat? Bird? Etc!

At the end all of us agree whatever it is, it goes back to the intension and culture appropriateness. Some heart is simply wicked and cowardice — not enough courage to show adoration because of lack of education (not about formal schooling) or lack of cross cultural understanding or simply being arrogant and ignorant: in one of my friends’ terminology that type of person is called “raised by ignorant, grows ignorant, will die ignorant”.

Act more, babies. Pig or monkey or Barbie or stormtrooper or the soldier’s boss. You’ve entertained me so well. 🥰