Good Time (light chat, heavy load)

One of them asked me: Rike, do you find it easy to get along with new people?

Me: Only when I see a shade of humbleness in them. Otherwise, it is difficult or failure at all. I don’t have good skill in socialising with those high in the sky.

One: Ahh! I know what you mean. We are not rich Japanese so you definitely can get along with us safely.

Me: Really? I am a poor Indonesian, might get treated lowly by you. Look at your history 😂

Another one: Of course, not. We are not the Japanese snobs that you might have met before somewhere I don’t know where.

Me: Did I tell you I met Japanese snobs?

Another one: No. We just thought the way you perceived us earlier might have been based on what you have experienced before. Is that fair?

Me: Wow! Smart analysis! You are not rich but you are intelligent! Thanks for meeting you this time. Let’s eat in an izakaya so we can chat lomger. Go Dutch please.

All: Good idea!

Me: No alcohol please.

Some: Good time, good deed! ☺️

Some: Good deed, bad time! 😂

It was our last dinner in Himeji and we blew kisses good bye. Thanks for making me feel welcome and protected. See you next time, dear friends!


feeling welcome and protected is a blessing 💝

we had very good time before going back to our places — 🙏🏼