Table, big or small:
Where meal, words and energy
Entertain people.


Yesterday’s lunch break chat was about furniture. My colleague who just had a house warming said that she only has a bed and dining table and is planning to buy more things soon. Our styles are so much different and I think hers has also tapped my mind.

My dining table is a wooden slab with a long bench at one side and 4 chairs in the other. If there are more people visiting (which not yet happens up to now), they should drag armchairs from the living room or voluntarily standing. 😂

Hers is a retractable table that can be as small as 75 centimetres and as long as 3 meters. She has a total of 8 in her family so she needs space for 8 in the smallest family gathering. It attracted me to have one as mine looks bulky and occupies so much of space; however, modern retractable table doesn’t suit my Javanese house and of course it is expensive. So it is just an interest in a chat with her.

my colleague’s type of dining table — modern, sleek, retractable, expensive, suitable for her luxurious condo in Singapore 🙏🏼

We also talked about beds in which we agree good mattress is paramount for our old back. 😀

Both of us agreed to invite each other in the future when there is long weekend and of course when trees of rambutan, mango, banana, matoa, chiku, and so on in my back yard are ready for harvest.

my type of dining table – heavy, bulky, occupying space yet beautiful for my humble abode 💝