What Books and Podcasts Do (morning lecture)

Being kind is not being silent and making others be in disrespected state of feeling. Being kind is telling the truth even if it is a rejection. Yet people talk about letting go to others without doing necessary actions to do so even after being briefed and/or begged of what to do.

Reading books and listening podcasts will not always make some human beings smart and wise; it only makes them know what other people think and know what to say to look smart and wise. Their intelligence is as much as being able to pose good pictures, good memes and showing flashy life. They are information hoarders and attention cravers.

So, some signs and numbers are not anymore digestible as messages, they are only pronounceable symbols as the senders don’t even try to speak to particular fellow human beings — wanting to say something but not wanting to be perceived of saying it to certain people.

Cherry blossoms opened hidden reality to me about how things can be framed to nicely look, while in reality it can be so fake.

Istiqlal and Ubud give me so much peace and now I am ready to start a new life.


what’s in the head of David?

8:25am Singapore time 💝