If charm is a bird,
It flies to where dreams reside,
When belief takes part.

Being an overthinker, I try to balance my thought by telling myself that dream is possible to come true and what it takes is just to believe.

Being an overthinker at the same time hard worker is not always a good combination, it has often made me believe that everything should be fought for. Nothing comes with no efforts. Yet at a point I don’t want to fight. No! No more! I want to give up all struggles. I am giving up all struggles.

I will enjoy the breeze while drawing Daruma’s right eye as my dreams come true before the departure time arrives.

Just believe, beloved.

i haven’t worn my charm bracelet for sooo long until i found a Daruma charm last week — dream come true! believe!

ladybug is good luck, hand of Fatima is protection — qualities of life having lingered since i was an infant: luck and protection