Nasi Goreng (sharing)

Nasi goreng (fried rice) has been declared as one Indonesia’s specialty. It doesn’t mean that only Indonesia has that food in the list; I saw fried rice in the menu list in China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam but none of them beats Indonesia’s. Oh! Please excuse my confidence. 😀

In Indonesia nasi goreng is not only about one recipe; it is a specialty with unlimited possible combination and creativity.

  • Nasi goreng ikan asin (+dried fish)
  • Nasi goreng teri (+ anchovy)
  • Nasi goreng kambing (+ lamb)
  • Nasi goreng ayam suwir (+ shredded chicken)
  • Nasi goreng telur (+ egg)
  • Nasi goreng gila (mixed with noodle)
  • Nasi goreng sayuran (+ vegetables)
  • Nasi goreng kecap (dominantly sweet with sweet soy sauce)
  • Nasi goreng petai (+ stinky bean)
  • Nasi goreng belacan (terasi) (+ shrimp paste)
  • Nasi goreng biasa (only rice)
  • Nasi goreng blah blah blah
  • Nasi goreng by anyone in the house 💝 this is where the unlimited creativity lies ❣️

I’ve tasted many Indonesian people’s nasi goreng recipes and all of them are special as they are and still delicious!

What’s the secret? The right portion of garlic and more portion of shallots and chilli!



nasi goreng for today’s late lunch 😍 — nasi goreng a la Rike 😀