Bring me takeaway,
A souvenir that reminds
Meaning of a road.

The biggest takeaway of my recent Tapa Brata:

  • Loving kindness — a constant reminder in my life
  • Anicca — nothing conditional is permanent

a silver bangle of ANICCA


Silence Of The Mind – haiku

Silence of the mind
Has stopped logical thinking–
The Hermit mode’s on.

Jakarta – December 1, 2019 / 23:12

Being logical is good but sometimes we should stop being logical, just to let the inner core self speak the true voice.

Give The Hermit a while to ignite the true light and enlighten all connections, to grip the staff and stand still before proceeding.

Life is so simple: quitting when tired, halting when confused. The only rule is believing that nothing is permanent.

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 00.04.31

The Hermit can be briefly read in Wikipedia The Hermit