Are you ready to be ready? Be ready to be ready. Now hereβ€”


ready breakfast 😘


Morning is welcomed
By a tray of whatever
Turning to a best.


my best breakfast this month!
2nd helping shows how good it is!
this never works for me anytime anywhere!
this made my today’s breakfast a gift from end of 2022, thank you!

Palate The Great Influencer

I want to not eat
But get full. My palate says
β€œGo talk to the wall”.


My palate is greedy yet very loving and worth loving. It tells me to eat more tasty food although I’m not hungry. In Ramadhan it whispers to me, coaxing me to β€œcollect good-looking food” on the day to reward my good deed through breakfast (ifthar). Damn good influencer!

Dear, Ms Palate. At least please support my weight loss program. 😚

pizza, good when rather hot β€” ordered at lunch time in the office at 1:25pm
heated pizza at home at 7:12pm β€” good? slightly dry but good!