Light Trip

Light trip starts early
Welcoming bright day calmly.
Dusk will be friendly.



is dim identical with romantic? πŸ˜€ waking up fresh with this view
slightly later after brief meditation
after breakfast


Always love this city
Where work is in moving cars,
Finished in toll gates.


What is Jakarta about? Heavy traffic? Better in some way. Flood? Better in some way. People? Always happy, optimistic and witty no matter what!

Nothing beats feel home. πŸ’

a city isn’t about its minuses 😎 (Jl Sudirman, Jakarta)…. – traffic jam should be one tool to shape patience πŸ₯Ή
…. but also about how leaders manage it through wrong and right decisions and policies and also about the people who are willing to be led by different leaders from different backgrounds with different interest and partiality πŸ™πŸΌ (Bundaran HI, Jakarta) – traditional food finds its heaven in β€œcar free day” on Sundays in this spot πŸ’