Journey, Beloved,
Lost in the crowd, finding self.
Walk to the next gate.

Try solo travel and identify the emerging emotions from one place to another. It’s great to experience different feelings responding to new people and different culture.

It’s not about how many countries have been explored. It’s about how much this self can stretch herself through the need of adaptation and flexibility alone. Not easy but doable—

What’s the next destination of her solo travel? Wherever, soon please.


you know where it is – look at the phone box carefully and a culture is seen there 🔥

Eros Shot A Heart – haiku

Eros shot a heart–

Unperceivedly wounded. Lo!

Aura’s given up.

Temasek – September 30, 2019 / 18:50

Discussed about Eros myth with my friends and found that his story evolved over time. At the early time he was just god of love and lust for everyone – EACH & EVERY ONE. Then he became the god the protector of gay male lovers. Kind of disappointing why he was changed orientation. The facts that he is a beautiful reality and we women shall not compete with more lovers from different sex are bitter, painful and kind of betraying. The competitive population added has made the chance of women’s victory drop to a very small part of pie.

Should I curse? No, I might be cursed back as discriminating.

Should I cherish? No way! I wouldn’t cherish a fact even the one I can take lessons from.

Eros, you are responsible for this. Hand me your bow and arrow. I’ll burn them before you continue your job. Oh, I probably shall flashback and kill Chaos, too. One more thing: and never let all men be born….