Deeper and Deeper

I thought
I saw you
At the gate
But not.

I walked,
Am still walking
Deeper in
To a forest.

I thought
I would meet you
But not.

I saw you
Waving hand
To me
But not.

I run
To you,
You vanish
With a shadow.

I saw
Numbers around,
The shadow owns you
And brings you away.

I want to go back
To where I started;
But I am deeply lost
In a forest of you.

I stopped and saw a light.
I don’t chase anymore.
Too much hide and seek.
Too many games.

I look up,
I look in,
I look forward
To a love within.

i just want to sit down through this Ramadhan and find a string to tidy up all these scattered beads

About Time

Time is
Lightning striking
And that’s it.
A patch
Of burnt earth is
A trace
Of surprise.

When we meet
Ignore the time.
Let’s count it
With heart beats
And senses
That touch.

Let me fall
In love with
Over and over again
As long as
Can be defined.

is one chasing the other or the kite? it is love that makes both run and laugh, a kite that keeps the child within alive

picture from Pinterest