A bubble’s bursting,
United with the free air.
Would you please join me?


Although Kyoto has a lot of impressive shrines, my favourite is not there. Mine is Izumo Taisha in Shimane prefecture about 343 km from Kyoto.

When visiting other shrines in Japan, I was so aware of being in Japan. In Izumo Taisha I got home: sunny, green, serene and unexplainably blissful. There were many visitors but my senses didn’t absorb their presence as if the hot air and bright light muffled their noise and wrapped me in a safe bubble bursting when my last step left the shrine front gate.


a long walk from the gate to the shrine β€” i remember it was a scorching hot day in August 2018 and i was humming while walking πŸ˜‡

ablution, my daily ritual that i find also so soothing in Japan shrine especially in Izumo Taisha

torii πŸ’ a gate to the shrine yard

this is Izumo Taisha! πŸ’

shimenawa (sacred straw rope)

i only go to this coffee shop with my colleagues, but i wholeheartedly believed drinking Starbucks coffee was a nice thing; only in Izumo! right outside the shrine complex

Izumo Taisha, Shimane


Castles small or big
Stand on a hill among trees
Wave to the white clouds.


Matsue Castle, from afar (2018)

Matsue Castle, closer view (2018)

there is no reason to not thank life for making me me; with all the ups and downs, zig-zagging, winding roads, flood and quake, fake and genuine people around; i survive and become more and more relaxed β€” like Matsue Castle, my life is small, humble but strong enough and sweetly suitable for me πŸ’

Matsue Castle, Shimane