Heidi is a children book telling about an orphan girl named Heidi.

She has been raised by Uncle Alm (her grandfather) since she was 5 years old after 4 preceeding years raised by Dete, her aunt.

Heidi grows to be a very happy and cheerful girl but not well educated. She does not go to school, she does not learn anything formally but about the Nature surrounding her. However, she is actually naturally smart and she is a very caring and loving creature over all her life.

Her only teen friend is Peter, a boy whose job is sheperding goats including Uncle Alm’s two goats. Heidi likes joining him to the mountain side, herding the animals. The boy loves her much because he doesn’t have any sibling. Like the girl, this boy is also a little hard-headed but much more irrational than her.

She then has to follow her fate to Frankfurt where she is introduced to Clara Sesseman, a handicapped girl, who badly needs a friend.

Johanna Spryi tells this story simply simple but strongly able to manipulate the readers’ imagination so that they can feel as if they were one of those characters involving in the story. She also depicts Switzerland mountainuous landscape so beautifully that most readers may want to visit Dorfli, the village in Alpine area becoming the story setting.

This book has been published as comic book as well as shortened version in various languages. In Indonesia his story was published as a comic serial in Bobo magazine approximately twenty years ago. Presently, Read! publishing house has published it in a “nomik/novel komik” (novel with illustration). This book has also been made films several time over the years: 1937 (starring Shirley Temple), 1968, 1997 and 2005. All the films are moving, interesting and educative.

This book becomes one of my important books in life. I am inspired to make Switzerland my must-be-visited country after Saudi Arabi. It also teaches me to be an independent, optimistic and cheerful girl. Heidi is recommendedly read by any of you readers who want to get inspiration for:
– pleasure
– knowledge
– life values: love, friendship, independence, loyalty, truthfulness, etc
– teaching methods for teachers and parents 🙂
– modified games for children for teachers and parents 🙂
– inspiration itself
– etc name yourself

All in all, Johanna’s Heidi is one of a must-read children book for children and adults all over the world.

Heidi, Heidi… The mountain girl…

If you happen to read this book, optionally you can read it out loud in front of your children/nephews/nieces/kiddy students by acting out what the characters are doing in the story – especially what and how Heidi does.

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