I gain weight again. It usually happens when I am very much under stressed. I compensate my stress by eating many things without stopping except when I am reaaly occupied by my drowsiness and my jobs. My weight is the indicator of my stress level. The fatter I am, the more stress I am undergoing.

I have gain 7 kilograms and I have no idea to stop my madness to eat in order to forget my big troubles. It ridiculously becomes such a heavy burden not to munch things. It is not normally called munching because I consume main course as my snacks. Meat, eggs, meatballs, cheese, rice, bread, etc… So, is it munching or craving? I don’t know much. What I need now is just a break to feel the air. I need to breathe my mind that has been so much bedazzled by the facts I have been offered by someone.


Yeah. I need to have a diet. What kind of dietery should I choose? I want to have one extremely able to reach the ideal weight ASAP. Yes, as soon as possible. Why???

Because I am going to attend a wedding party next month. Because I have to wear my gown on that day. Because I gain weight and my gown can’t conpromise with me anymore. The zipper even stops before reaching the top of its end. Oh no… I am so fat.

What diet then? Food combining? Protein? Fat? Carbohydrate?

June 27, 2008


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