In my basket?

Sure I’ll never have one!

Everyday an individual may create negative feelings toward himself or others in a way that he hurst others or gets hurt by them. The negative feelings stretch from shy to anger with variations and derivations or even deviations. It is quite hard sometimes to identify those emotions but they indeed exist. Those emotions of hurt what I call rubbish. And, your heart is the basket. Now, do you recognize whether or not you have rubbish in your basket?

If yes, it is time to start the care after knowing how much rubbish you’re carrying now: how severe your emotion is wounded by those hurt feelings. If not, good to know that you are continuing hording.

One thing is believing those negative emotions are normal, raw fruits of growing communications in society. Should an individual has a doubt when he identifies bad impact of sharp words or unacceptable actions, he normally tries to neutralize the negative feeling for quite some time or even kill them for good.

Most people intend to consider that those negative emotions need no special care, all of them. They believe that time cures everything. In fact, they are incorrect. Some sort of those feelings is potentially destroying their personality. It’s a snowball, getting bigger as it rolls down and finally hits you flat.

Let’s make it like this: count how many times you hurt others in your environment especially beloved and important ones. And, how many times you get hurt by them. Do you often be the doer or the victim? Done, get to know why you feel hurt and why you feel like to hurt people. Is it because of inner trigger? Or, is it because others invite you to do; this invitation isn’t merely about that you are asked verbally but also lured with their enjoyment doing it.

If it is invitation, you should start to refuse it. Many ways are workable to stop external attraction: saying no to saying nothing. However, inner trigger is often late found. It has come to a public agreement that oneself is the most difficult to conquer and to even recognize. But it is never too late to be so called late.

Sometimes we think that loyality ought to be shown in the form of uniform action. When your gang is hating someone, you should hate that particular person until finally that person is worth torturing by a group of people with no reasonable strong ground. What a childish solidarity!

One easy tip: inner trigger is when you don’t like when others enjoy their good times whatever reasons are applicable to you EXCEPT if people’s good time is jeopardizing your marriage or agreed relationship or if it is killing you.

So, after saying no to any external triggers, saying no to our inner triggers should be a prompt willingness. And, the output will be your understanding in peaceful life, harmonious society because of just clean basket.

Clean basket or clean heart is very beneficial to your spiritual life. It will shape you into a recognized statue not only a block of uncarved marble.

This writing moral is simple: clean your heart from any assumptions that come from your anger toward unmet expectations in your life.

Further, know your emotion. Don’t say you are not emotional when you still criticize others as an inferior. Let’s empty our baskets!

Note to myself

Keramat – March 14 to 28, 2010 – 8:11pm

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