Daughter, there’s a time when you’re shared a trust.

It might be c0nfr0nting a n0rm but if it’s the only way, you’ve g0t to fight for it.

It’s been a way to go to show you that I care much m0re than I do to your br0ther.

How many times he’s called ‘oye s0n’ and be granted big thing to carry; meanwhile his sister’s escaped fr0m chances to glow.

See, n0w I’m addressing you, telling the world that his sister own the strength to travel happily with big things bedazzling her weak trunk.

Indeed do, Daughter to grab his leftover that’s much m0unted than what he’d finished.

Bring ab0ut your c0nsci0usness to the sky.

Move without fear.

And, enrich the universe with your graceful c0urage.

Do, Daughter.

keramat n77, march 13 2010 – 10:10 malam