Piano is played by dancing fingers of a lady from above.

Should I sing?

Or should I fall asleep?

Music of footsteps

Are running through my silent heart—

Sentinels are ready to conquer.

Should I fight?

Or should I surrender?


Have come to me again and again

Asking for my permission to build a colony—

Agreement upon disagreement

And finally I stay sanely dumb;

None of choices is better.


Caressing my black hair in dark night tonight

Dictate symbols upon symbols through notes.

Do re mi fa so la ci do

8 and 9 along with the alphabets

I am deciphering my life.

And the sentinels are still waiting…

Solo – 21 February 2012 – 9:03pm

16 thoughts on “SENTINELS

  1. rembulanku said: hahaha, aku yo rung tau weruh koknek ngono nginjen ae yuk bareng2 *ben trimbilen bareng2*btw, iku enthek mergane kon panen, buahe dibagi2 yooooongirit ben ora tuku buah 😀

    Pon, apa itu artinya?


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