Swimming (again after 4 years)

After 4 years not swimming, today I finally plunged into the pool just downstairs. I felt happy for being able to win my soul just to soak my body in a water container under the moon. I didn’t care if those people crashed me in heavy traffic pool. It was just cool!!! I swam again after 4 years. Such a success!

Just to share with you, the first thing I encountered before swimming is a crappy self. I did not even want to jump into the water. I just sat in the bench placed around the pool. If I jump, I will… If I plunge, I will… What if I can’t float anyone? What if I can’t swim anymore?

Then… I finally jumped! Just today!

The excitement of being surrounded by water is just a part of my emotion because I found that I was afraid of water The water is so blue and too “huge”. I felt like stop breathing, sound of water, sound of my bubbling breath under the water… “No! Help! I can’t breathe!”

Of course I didn’t scream. I just forced the water unblock my left ear. Oh, my…

The next emotional blocking was that I forgot how to harmonize my body parts. Oh, OK I can float now, so what’s next? Stroke the hands? OK, now the feet… Oh my gosh… Why did I become so hard and awkward like a log? I swam like a drunken shark… Imbalanced!

OK, it is good enough for the starting point. Let’s just call it a day! Tomorrow is always mine. And this is my day!

Picture lent from theactivechubby.com

Singapore – Oct’ 16, 2013 – 21:58


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