Explain, please? No, Thanks!

People need others to understand what is going on, it is normally in interview or interrogation room. You’ll explain what’s your expertise, or why you are here, or what you expect people to know about what you’re doing. And, you’ll explain when explaining it will get the work done. Aside from that, no explanation is mandatory.

If you think what you are doing now need others’ understanding, it is not totally correct. Sometimes it is only feeling detecting one’s being guilty of having people misunderstood or totally lost about what is happening to us. No worries. The show must go on — as you wish. It’s your life, it’s your choice to do whatever is required to get your life DONE. As long as you don’t disturb others’ life — others are others, any other creatures.

Don’t let yourself like either the ostrich or the zebra in my below picture. Either or them is enjoying their life. The ostrich might think the zebra is annoying — I don’t think so because before this scene the zebra was with the rest of its group enjoying the green fresh grass until the ostrich got crazy breaking the zebra lot. The other zebras just went aside to another corner of the grass, while this one zebra was going around and around entertaining the ostrich…. Are they enjoying? The ostrich was, the zebra was freaking out!!!

So, the best thing is enjoying and starting to stop feeling guilty. People should be busy with themselves instead of bothering others.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Temasek – December 6, 2014 – 3:38pm

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