Where Are You?

In my names, oh no.

In my birthdays, oh no.

In my bodies, oh no.

In my sizes, oh no.

In my families, oh no.

In my pets, oh no.

In my friends, oh no.

In my jobs, oh no.

In my dedications, oh no.

In my hobbies, oh no.

In my blogs? No….

In my….. Where am I?

Where am I? I’d been wandering around the worlds to find where I am but nowhere to find…. Now, here I stop to find my self….


Temasek – November 9, 2014 – 11:49pm

5 thoughts on “Where Are You?

        1. durian itu kan heaven fruit kok nggak suka wis rugi tenan hidupmuuuuu….. 🙂

          kalau masih ke Penang lagi, coba cari durian musang king, udang merah dan jenis kampung lainnya di jalan sebelum bukit bendera. top bangeeeets!


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