December 8, 2014
rike jokanan


Where Are You?

In my names, oh no.

In my birthdays, oh no.

In my bodies, oh no.

In my sizes, oh no.

In my families, oh no.

In my pets, oh no.

In my friends, oh no.

In my jobs, oh no.

In my dedications, oh no.

In my hobbies, oh no.

In my blogs? No….

In my….. Where am I?

Where am I? I’d been wandering around the worlds to find where I am but nowhere to find…. Now, here I stop to find my self….


Temasek – November 9, 2014 – 11:49pm

5 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. 😀 salam kenal. visit back ya..


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