I Salute Labors

My job enables me to meet with factory workers almost everyday. Not seldom I’ve got the chance to talk to them. I thank Universe for this priviledge; not all of people have this luxury of knowing those hard working yet low earning people on earth.

Is their life easy? Not at all —

They have to stay in production area in rigid period of time, sometimes added with some hours of overtime to reach production target. Some employers used to restrict workers’ movement – not allowed to go for bio break was a common practice especially in sweat shop typically found in garment, footwear, furniture and other industries. But now more and more companies know that those people are human like them who need to have toilet break, drinking or even just for prayer and smoking — and they don’t have the reasons for not giving them permission them to break.

Let alone their jobs; for me to dress like them has been something not comfortable. Please see my pictures below: I was wearing factory uniforms designated for the sake of workers’ health & safety as well as the product quality.

Seriously, I salute factory workers for being patient people in the industry.


Singapura – May 29, 2015 – 11:00pm

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