All in Store

After a long pause,
Waves of time now delivers
Pretty joy in store.

How should she welcome
A guest that greets with surprise?
A sweet smile in store—


buds of secundum are welcoming with joy

Surprisingly Survives

Said she
Showing the hopeless
Survival is about adaptability
Welcomed by nature,
Approved by resolution,
Driven by muscles,
Enjoyed by senses.
I’m gonna be yellow!


can you see the spike of oncidium (must be yellow) at the left? i saw it when sitting on the toilet enjoying my good time 😀— suddenly the beauty struck me! 😍 thank you! 🙏🏼 i’ll be patient waiting for you to bloom 💛

she used to be one of balcony gang members and was about to pass as the original media (wood bark and charcoal) started decaying; her new home is now shower room in a glass flower vase; media is sponge, charcoal and water 😍

A Gift

What gift is not wrapped?
Blooming flowers in April.
Warm and colourful—


she is sitting next to the shower so she is generously bathed twice a day

balcony gang 💝 watered once in three days plus some blessings from the rain

at the corner of the shower room, behind the glass door so she doesn’t bath too often 😎 but still blooming 💝

Sweet Surprises

Sweet surprises march
Silently following a season
Bringing colours to the sight.
Don’t hold breath,
They stay quite long
To give more space
For wow! and whoa!

I think I don’t give my orchids enough attention that I always see the bud rather late— only when they are long enough to stand out.


And thanks much! for giving me surprises after several years not blooming.


i guess she is pink
i guess she is yellow
i guess she is purplish white


In a bright corner she’s seen. The sun sends her light reflecting bright life.

this is more than enough to put me in a good mood after a long trip; she delivers a stem of buds after moved to a corner where sun greets her directly — thank you!


Continue blooming. Time brings seasons and moments unwrapping secrets.

The best secrets are those explained by the beauty of silence of the blooming orchids. Thank you, Gusti Allah for all your love and guidance. I’ll keep all secrets secret like I take care of all my beloved orchids. I’ll keep all love love like I take care of my own self.


thank you again and again and again 💝
thank you again and again and again 💝


The orchid’s budding,
Silently showing the day
About ever hope.

just this afternoon I found the orchid hung behind the shower door is budding! thanks much! sorry for missing your beauty! be in your prime time when I am back home 🥰

Small Joy

Blooming orchids show
Vibrant hues waited a while
Without counting time.

I think so much surprise comes to us because we just do without craving for the expected result. Not 100% correct, but that is most what has happened to me. ☺️

Welcome, blooming flowers. You have been as stubborn as the gardener. God bless you! 😍

Sunday is full of cleaning, laundry and sweet surprises!


joyful day celebrating 4 stems of orchid buds from one pot 🤩

Sweet Welcome

Welcome, Beloved.
Home is where gifts are opened,
Flowers are blooming.

Welcome home! said they. 💝

3 waiting for 1 week and still in tact like what the couriers’ pictures sent 🥰
new bud in the bathroom 🥰
1 more tiny in the bathroom gang
3 new stems of buds from balcony gang 🥰

Lazed Days

Lazed two, Beloved,
Wrapping up five passing by;
Seven in a pack—

Always ready to work, always ready to rest 💝

hello, my babies…. 😘

these duo are in slow mode for almost 3 years, yet they give me the extraordinary rooting! 🥰

third flower after the second departed early – thanks for welcoming me 😘


Surprise, Beloved,
Dew drops slide, meet in a line;
River of blessings—

Weekend is mostly about staying home finding sweet surprises.

Thank you for the weekly break and lots of mini blessings!

mini cuty! thank you!
this one was let go for not re-blooming after 2 years, today I found her stunning surprise! thank you!
the bud stem! thank you!
bathroom window nook gang is also in action! thank you!



Wasted it’s never
If blooming or not. Pretty
In its full cycle.


Blessed again with 5 beautiful flower stems, accompanied by other beautiful growing not blooming orchids.

Beauty is not only in the flower. It is in the root, leaves, keiki, pot and their presence everyday.



balcony #1
balcony #2
balcony #3
bathroom window sill #1
bathroom window sill #2

Scented World

Flowers scent the air
With messages telling her
To follow North Star.
The path brings her to the gate
Where home is a state of mind.


Home is where the heart belongs to. This wanderer finds it where she is. Now and here….

very sweet scented orchids; bringing me to wherever I wanna wander
very sweet scented orchids; bringing me to a home inside