Retail Therapy – a noisy silence

It’s been a busy year and I know my years ahead are gonna at least as busy as 2016 or even more…. Exciting!

And Singapore is always busy like me. There is always holiday event every month and that’s why discount is kind of never ending. This is November and people are some celebrating Thanksgivings, some are welcoming the Christmas. All the decoration and lighting on the road, at the malls, around the parks, just everywhere are glowing and luring us people stay outside of the homes. Singaporeans are as busy as Singapore. Exciting!

But the excitement is such a contagion from the vibe to people and from people to more people. What I’m trying to say is more people stay outside of houses and stay in the malls instead. Shopping! Ok, at least eating. Or, just sightseeing – window shopping. 

I then enjoyed the vibe of shopping. To get Ris of stresses they say…. but no, it is not really that. I was not in stress at all. It was just that I found that some of my wishes should be realised. I’ve been so harsh and stingy to myself for the past four years. Excited!

The decision was made and ought to be executed. ๐Ÿ˜‚

A suitcase, many pieces of clothes and fabric, scarves, shoes, sandals, gadgets, blah blah, blah blah and of course books!

Then I felt so light.

My goodness! Did I just say I’m light! I means I was stressed before shopping. Hmm…. Gosh, I just committed a retail theraphy while – I said – I was not in stress! Interesting!

So, don’t take it for granted  when you think you are not in stress and you just want to buy what you need. Think twice. Otherwise, you’ll end up drying out your wallet.

Singapore – December 3, 2016 – 2:58am


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