The Maestro – a unique antique

This time I’m talking about one artist, a true artist from my beloved country, Indonesia. He is truly one of his kind. How he composed his works, the way he expresses his ideas and feeling, the way he dresses, all his ways are just unique.

Sudjiwo Tejo is a “dalang”, a puppeteer whose puppet shows are performed or written while modified in such a way to make the original plot and real life situations intertwined. Mostly he conditions the current political issues into his shows, writing, music and paintings. 

He is at the same time a mathematician whose logics are incredibly artistic – my goodness! One of his beautiful statement is: Math: Finding Harmony in Chaos. He presented the topic in 2011 TED Talks in Bandung. He is a badass, genius and deserves a presidency like what he is in his imaginary country “Republik Jancukers”.
Many people think he is “just” a crazy artist seeking his way to the true ways (which is one? Please tell me.) but I’d like to say this maestro is more than what he seems to be. He’s an artist, a scientist, a man of his word, a revolutionist, a country lover, an honest human being.

I might not be able to say accurate things about him using words but one thing for sure: he is a free thinker in my version.

I need not to find someone from other parts of the world to know what it takes to be a smart human being, uniquely smart, a unique antique: the President of The Republic of Jancukers, SUDJIWO TEJO.

Soetta before Changi – December 4, 2016 – 18:46 (JKT time)

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