The Art of Cooking – haiku

The art of cooking:
Beautify! Joy of eating:
Break, chew, swallow, go!

Hanoi – January 13, 2020 / 21:26

What’s for dinner? Healthy food please….
And, pretty food for tonight please….

When served to me the food was fabulously arranged. The food was at the same time the garnish. I had to think twice if the food was worth eating or just worth picture taking. But I was starving so….

To make it a perfect dining, I decided to beat the chef’s expertise with my eating skill. His skill is to prepare good and beautiful food. Mine is making beautiful delicious food broken and enjoying it with my heart and soul.

The waitress came back.
“How was the food, Ma’am?”

I said,”Amazing! Please tell the Chef I’m sorry for destroying his work of art.”

Thank you, Life for all the blessings.

May all beings be happy.

Below are two pics of my first served “before and after”. 😁

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