Highway 4 Hanoi – chatting

After long time no see, I met old friends in Hanoi. We agreed to have dinner in Highway 4, a restaurant whose owners used to be the guests of a hostel owned by my friend’s parents. So it was a rendezvous for us and for my friend and his ex guests. Merry!

Most of these friends are good drinkers. I prefer not taking any sips and becoming a cheerleader who looks more drunk than those who drink. They planned to have 3 rounds of drink in different places: first in the Highway 4, second in another place and the last one in the other — I didn’t have any idea where those two were. I said good night and left earlier before the 1st round ended.

Although I could not enjoy all what they did, I thought it was a very warm friendly night. I didn’t always understand what they were talking about but there was always someone translating for me or they just switched into English. The funny thing was that they would punish anyone who spoke the most English by forcing him/her to drink another shot. That’s where my laughter wouldn’t stop especially when they blamed me for making them speak English.

What a good night!
Note: Friends won’t give up friendship even when some habits are just different.

See what those crazy friends did to persuade me to drink with no success.

Friend 1: Ok, you come again next time. You must drink, ok?
Me: Water

Friend 2: I’ll find you a good Vietnamese guy if you drink.
Me: Find him for me first then I’ll drink!

Friend 3: This is wine! Not beer!
Me: I read the ingredient.
Friend 3: Cone on. That is a wrong label.
Me: Then I don’t trust Vietnamese beverage.

Friend 4: Drink.
Me: I don’t want to look crazy.
Friend 4: When you are drunk, you think you look crazy but actually people think you are cute!
Me: 🤪

Friend 5: Forget about tomorrow’s work. You only have now to drink.
Me: You drink more, talk less.

The rest of the group: Drink!!!
Me: (finished one glass of water)
Them: Not water!!!
Me: 😘😘😘
Them: (given me up and ate)

Hanoi – January 15, 2020 / 22:07


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