Joy of Gardening – haiku

Joy of gardening
Is seeing buds appear
After a long wait.

Phnom Penh – January 22, 2020 / 18:35


This morning when watering the plants I was given a good surprise by one of the orchids in the balcony. A stem of buds has come!

I got her last year from a plant nursery near my favourite durian stall in Ang Mo Kio market. I can’t remember the color, it is either white or purplish white – my grey matter doesn’t even cooperate to recall a color of my orchid.

An amateur plant lover, I’ve been desperate that some of my orchids didn’t seem to bloom again. Only one has produced flowers again and again, the rest are just rooting and greening. Now that another orchid gets joyously blooming, I have a hope of levelling up to less amateur orchid lover. 🌞

This orchid has a twin next to her. Her twin is still struggling with the root and leaves. She might bloom, too once the roots and leaves are getting stronger. I really hope not only these twins would bloom, I have four more that haven’t happily shown their flowers. Please, dear orchids….

I’ll buy you the best durian if you all bloom! 🥰

May all beings be happy.


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