Alarm Wakes Me Up – haiku

Alarm wakes me up.
None beats these back-to-back trips
Except the laundry!

Jakarta – January 20, 2020 / 21:00


The busy days have come before a short break of Chinese New Year. With all the lined-up flight schedule in my iCal, I feel energised to meet some amazing people who dedicate their life for perfection of what simple things they’ve chosen to do.

When I review my schedule, it is like a fantastic juggle among packing, fly out to B, working, fly in to A, unpacking, laundry, packing, fly out to B again…. fly out to B again…. 🤪

I bet some people get bored to fly to the same places. I don’t. I like meeting people – the same group of people. Some annoying, some sweet, some emotionless, some smart, some shy but all I’ve met are light bearers creating workplaces healthy and safe from physical, psychological, occupational and environmental unfair treatment. But….

…. I don’t like one thing: with so many short trips with unpacked laundry, I don’t have enough clothes to pack. Damn! Sometimes I regret of having too few a clothing yet too many books and rings. Gotta buy some simple clothes soon 🤪


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