Sun Rises, Sun Sets – haiku

Sun rises, sun sets.
Earth is shadowed. Time is formed.
Twelve hours is gone.

Up in the sky – Jan. 25, 2020 / 10:18am

Why do you worry about time? It doesn’t exist. It is an agreed cycle that has haunted human beings for centuries and now is traded with their freedom.

You are limited with all that is scheduled that is timed – breakfast at 7, pick up at 7:30, meeting at 9, lunch at 12, dinner at 8, sleep for at least 7 hours blah blah blah….

And when the 12 hours of the dark is spent without sleeping, they call you not healthy — I don’t wanna sleep, I wanna daydream about my love. And when the 12 hours of the bright is spent without working, they call you idle – I am not working for your approval, I work because I know what I do is useful at any time for certain group of people. And when the 12 hours is gone, they tell you that you are getting old – my body deteriorates but my heart and soul are as fresh as morning dew!

Why are some people judgmental?

Don’t they know that I don’t have breakfast because if I do then I’ll be sleepy as heaven the whole morning. I hate 7:30 pick up because it is when I’m supposed to attend the nature call. The 9 meeting is so awkward; people stare at you like zombies who are ready to eat your brain as theirs are almost dried because of your predictable speech. Lunch at 12 – can it be pushed to 2? I want to sleep at 12! ☺️

Many need to compromise and ‘coz I wanna be called normal, I agree with 12+12=24hours productivity. Among many I’m like walking backward though 😝
Actually I’m not, I’m flying forward and have to wait until they reach my point.

Happy short weekend!

May all beings be happy.


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