I’m Not Supergirl – haiku

I’m not Supergirl.
I am a super woman.
Now you get that, right?

NAIA Manila – Jan. 26, 2020 / 14:30


After standing for more than 30 minutes queueing in immigration counter and hustling to conveyor for my luggage, I was now waiting for the shuttle car to EDSA.

I don’t know why some gentlemen don’t act like gentlemen. They cut the line, THEY CUT A LADY’S LINE.

I said to that particular gent. “I queue before you. Are you in a hurry?”

“Oh oh I’m sorry. I didn’t see you queue.”


He took my car without saying thank you. I promised to give him a gift of sarcasm if I meet him in the hotel.

Life is not always sweet but a bitter man is unacceptable!

May all beings be happy.



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