People Won’t Get It – haiku

People won’t get it.
They don’t have to. Let it flow.
Life’s to experience.

Singapore – Feb. 9, 2020 / 21:11

When I felt hurt, I would say to someone why he was so mean to me even when I didn’t do harmful things to him. I realised that I was not supposed to say that because he was doing it to protect himself, to serve his need, to love himself. I probably would do what he did in the same situation…. Hmm no, I wouldn’t though ☺️

Though feeling guilty, I won’t apologise because he probably doesn’t need my apology, he probably also understands why some statements bursted in such situation. Or the worst scenario, perhaps he doesn’t even want to have contact with me forever. It doesn’t matter, some people’s cave is just much deeper to reach in. All maybe….

Human beings’ Life is full of ups and downs that are only understood by the individual. Even the closest friends who know him/her won’t totally get it. So why do I have to persuade someone to explain oneself to me? I might not get it either just like my friends don’t get what’s truly my experience.

Dear Self, take a break. I’m tired of fighting. I want to float like all those stuff flowing with the river to the ocean….

May all beings be happy….



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