Ma’am, You Are Off Spec – haiku

Ma’am, you are off spec.
What do you mean, I asked them.
“I’m sorry, just saying.”

Kuala Lumpur – Feb. 18, 2020 / 18:07


When changing outlook, people will experience many different responses, or nothing at all if they are not either likeable or hatable. Both poles might respond to your change in contrary opinion: if you change in their favour, they will tell you you look better; if you shift away from their taste, they might tell you you could be better. Don’t worry if you are so so, they will ignore you and things go well.

I went to a supplier today and it was another first visit to the site since July when I was still “doing fine” according to their mindset. My colleague already hinted me of what comments I would get from the people from this particular company. She said I would be “audited”.

And, she was right.
Read through my conversation at lunch time – some details are omitted due to its level of sarcasm.

S (Supplier): Hey, Ma’am! Long time no see.
M (M): Hey!
S: What happened to you?
M: Nothing.
S: Your appearance?
M: Why?
S: You are off spec!
M: Am I a kind of laptop now? (laughing bitterly)
S: I mean you look better in previous style. I’m sorry just saying, not criticising.
M: Oh if that’s what you mean….
S: Bro! (calling his colleague who also knows me) What do you think of her? Better in previous or current look? Better previous, right? Right? (the other one smiled in embarrassment and said “before”). See, he said you are better in previous look! Aiyooo! What happened to you? Two people already said this! Why? Why? Why?
M: Thank you for your compliment. But more people said I’m better in current look.

I thanked God I finished my lunch when he interrogated me. If not, I would secretly sprinkle wasabi on his meal. I know he doesn’t eat Japanese food and it would make his day worse with wasabi in curry.

I walked back to the meeting room and still chuckled with the “You are off spec” 😂

Oh Love, I’m suitable working in an electronic company. God bless me…. 🥰😄

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