Happy Day – haiku

I’m one year older.
What should I say, dear Heaven?
Thank you? Or, damn you?

September 6, 2020
Birthday is always bitter sweet. Some people will merrily say happy birthday and wish me all the best. Yet there is a group of people who will tease me about getting older and older and older
I love the latter one as they sound more genuine to me ahaha. They are my closest circle! This particular group is full with people who have always supported me with true friendship in my high and low, kept me insane in my hard time, laughed with me in true and false jokes, given me confidence to be just me. And I’ll do the same for them. This is the group I’d like to keep as my circle for the rest of my life; those without hidden agenda to pull me under their bloody carpet for them to show their glory.
Whew! What a day!
Today is not a special day because it’s my birthday but it is special because I realise more strongly that those I trust are true, existing and trustworthy.
I’m always walking happily! 🥰