Struggling? Accepting? Both?

Watching Tom Hank’s Cast Away once again, I still think it is always relatable to overall situation about how human beings respond to the unexpected or the unacceptable. Just how wonderful the power of acceptance can change a perspective up to 180 degrees. How a short period of a human being’s life span can wise up a heartless man. How being alone can teach you so many life skills that you’ve missed because of your pampering facilities! How the physical absence and no news practically be assumed that someone is just dead! Just how amazing a volley ball can cure someone’s loneliness — hey, just like how some of you talk to Siri, right?

If you were stranded in an un-populated island, what would you do? Or maybe the first thing is how would you react? Angry? Desperate? And then what? You don’t have any tools, you are a newly-recruited as stone era man by the small island whose ghosts are even yet to wake up.

I mean what type of excitement can you apply? You are powerless as you don’t have any choice but accept that this island is better than the water surrounding it, that the un-waken ghost might be your best friends, that drinking coconut water is preferred than the sea water. More than that if you are modern scout without Swiss knife and the ropes, you can’t even boast yourself to anyone as you are alone — ok, wait until you can boast around later when you’re back to civilisation.

I think the biggest lesson from Cast Away isn’t really survival, it is acceptance. Although survival and acceptance may lead to the same point of life- that you are to go back to your own interest; those two words represent two different emphasis of action.

Survival emphasises the struggle against all odds with some assumption that human beings have the right to win over any barriers including other human beings and nature, that you can persuade others even force others to follow your wish. I don’t like this in my personal life. In business, that’s different field of game so let’s be wolves!

Acceptance emphasises the surrender to and adaptation to the situations with awareness that others have their own free will and no power should apply to force your expectation against them.

Life is mega vast ocean of unlimited possibilities. I am just one of billions of those playing. Some people play edge water, splash around, swim, surf, dive, you name it…. I don’t know what I’m doing I’m probably drowning with too much dream of possibilities which I soon have to burry deep in my next peaceful sleep.

I have power over nothing (Chuck Noland, Cast Away)


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